Worthing Dome Cinema
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Photos of the Worthing Dome Cinema restoration
Photo galleries documenting Worthing Dome's history.

The restoration of the Dome tower and its crowning glory in 1995 for over £300,000.

1904 - 1954 The Early Years
The history of
the Worthing Dome,
impresario Carl Seebold,
and of Worthing cinemas.

1969 - 1989 The Perilous Years
20 years under threat of demolition, the Dome Cinema was defended by townsfolk.

1989 - 1999 The Uncertain Years
The 10 years of struggle after getting the Dome listed and before receiving a Stage 1 pass from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Key Characters
Without any of these 4 individuals the Dome would never have been built and flourished, then later saved and restored.

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Dome Cinema - What's on
The Untold Story

The Projectors

These two Peerless carbon arc projectors manufactured around 1930 were purchased second-hand by the Dome Cinema's proprietor and were in use there for half a century.


E-mail: rob.blann@worthingdomecinema.com